Chart Debuts for TRESPASSING:
#1 Billboard 200 (US)
#1 Billboard Digital Albums (US)
#1 Canadian Albums
#1 Digital Albums (Canada)
#1 Top Albums (Hungary)
#2 Albums (Finland)
#4 Albums (New Zealand)
#10 Top 40 Albums (Denmark)
#10 ARIA Top 50 Albums (Australia)
#17 Billboard Top 100 (Japan)
#20 Albums (Sweden)
#30 Top 100 Albums (The Netherlands)

Adam has asked us repeatedly to request NCOE at our local radio stations…SO LET’S GET TO IT!!
***It’s especially important that we make a push NOW as some stations are citing lack of requests for not playing!***

If a station has played NCOE, then we should request up to 1x per day PER METHOD. This means you can call once, send in an online request form, a text AND a tweet (but only if the station regularly asks for requests via Twitter). Also, if the station has a countdown, then you’re safe to throw in another request for that specifically. If your station has not played NCOE at all, then only do your request routine 2-3x per week.