We can all tell by Adam’s tweets that he really wants to make history and be #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 album chart next week – and we want that too! TODAY is the last day for sales to count toward that goal. Some last-minute buying advice:

Tip 1: DO NOT BUY physical CD’s from vendors that have to ship them; they won’t count for the all-important first week sales. Example: Amazon.

Tip 2: BUY physical CD’s only in-store at places like Best Buy, Target and Walmart. However, to be on the safe side that the order gets counted in the system for this week, go shopping as early as possible today. In other words, no 11:45 p.m. run to a 24-hour Walmart.😉

Tip 3: DOWNLOADS are the way to go! Either GIFT the album via iTunes or Amazon (but make sure the recipient downloads the music before midnight/by 11:30 p.m. EST tonight; otherwise it won’t count!) or BUY yourself another wherever you haven’t:

AMAZING 17 SECONDS! Yesterday, Adam gave us a teaser to the “Never Close Our Eyes” video that debuts this coming week on VEVO. It looks like a big budget Sci-Fi movie – can’t wait!!