Adam has asked us (at least 2x now) to request NCOE at our local radio stations…SO LET’S GET TO IT!! ***It’s especially important that we make a push now through next week as Adam is doing his promotional tour for the “Trespassing” CD release.***

If a station has played NCOE, then we should request up to 1x per day PER METHOD. This means you can call once, send in an online request form, a text AND a tweet (but only if the station regularly asks for requests via Twitter). Also, if the station has a countdown, then you’re safe to throw in another request for that specifically. If your station has not played NCOE at all, then only do your request routine 2-3x per week.

New stations! Atlantic City, Baltimore, Boston and Chicago are among the new/newish US stations to get on board with NCOE…and Canada is really liking it!

Weeknight To-do: WTMX 101.9 in Chicago has an interactive programming segment daily called U Mix It where listeners pick the music. Last night, NCOE was added to list and played! “U Mix It” runs from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. CST. Right before 8 p.m. CST, begin hitting green arrow up for NCOE! (If song is not there, add song by typing it in the box/space on the right and hitting the arrow to add it at the bottom of the list.)