To-Do List RADIO:
1) Regularly request BTIKM be played on your local stations and national ones! If a station has played BTIKM, then we should request up to 1x per day (if they have countdowns, then you’re safe to throw in another request for that specifically). If your station has not played BTIKM at all, then only request 2-3x per week.
2) Vote daily in various station polls and interactive programming; these will result in more spins for BTIKM!
3) Contact Fox All Access NOW to get requests in for next week; that’s how it works! Phone: 1-877-268-6815 or e-mail:

To-Do List VIDEO:
1) Vote for BTIKM on VH1 for next weekend’s Top 20 countdown! Can vote 20 times per browser — more if you clear cookies and/or do private browsing.
2) Stream BTIKM music video from VEVO! Play BTIKM music video at VH1!

Good News for BTIKM! New peak position of #31 on the US HAC chart. The song also made its debut on the nationally syndicated weekend program, Fox All Access, which airs on many large stations (example: WPLJ in New York). BTIKM officially made the Rick Dees’ Hot Adult countdown (HAC), at #37, after debuting there last week as the “sure shot” outside the Top 40. BTIKM also garnered a play on The Fab 30 With Perez Hilton, which airs on select pop stations in major markets. *Update: On 2/14, BTIKM broke the 500 daily spin mark (504)!*