Good idea to rate songs on Hit Predictor weekly to build up your profile,  regardless of whether Adam or BTIKM  “comes up” on your list or not!
Rate the Music will let you know when a periodic survey is ready for you, or you can login to that web site weekly to check. Pick pop or HAC music as genre (if you haven’t signed up before). NOTE: Many local stations also do their own Rate the Music surveys so watch for those in your area.

After you rate so many songs, you will be asked to rate some artists.They generally ask you about a series of American Idol contestants to try to filter out the show’s viewers (I guess). I rate only the ones I’m familiar with as relevant artists: Kelly, Carrie, Daughtry and Adam. The others I rate as unfamiliar – and am because I don’t listen to or know their music.

*IMPORTANT: If you’re asked to rate Adam as an artist, naturally give him a good score but something less than 100 (and probably no higher than 95) AND have a few others scored in that same range! Basically, remember to rate at least a few other songs as “I Love It” and a couple other artists as high, if not higher, than Adam.

Rate the Music
There are three components to this survey: familiarity with song (yes or no), scoring the song (pick from five selections) and if you are tired of hearing it (yes or no). As is the case on any survey, you will stick out like a sore thumb if you only score Adam’s music highly. :D So the “Like Alot” and “Like Some” should be used at least a couple other times.

If you are unfamiliar with a song, you can say so (by clicking “no” to familiarity) and then hit play to listen to it. You can still score it. It will automatically fill in “no” to whether you are tired of hearing that song.

*IMPORTANT: Right now, not many more people other than Glamberts have heard BTIKM alot. Therefore, if it has not been played much or at all on your local station, feel free to click “no” when asked about familiarity to it. Then go ahead and score BTIKM.