You’ll need a Facebook account to take part in your stations’ polls regarding NCOE and to interact with them. Beyond that, Facebook is a big part of many stations’ everyday communication with listeners.  A few tips about using Facebook:

VotingOnly vote once per day, per station poll. It will look like spamming otherwise, which we don’t want!

Location & Name – I don’t have my location listed on my account because in this day and age I think it’s safer. So when I post anything all they see is my user name and not the town/state where I live! My user name is my actual name because I’m an actual person … a sea of fan names like LittleMonster87, Glambert4EverSue or AnnLovesJustin98 can tend to look less real and more spam-like.

Usage – If you don’t want to inundate your Facebook friends with Adam content, remember you can turn off select postings/activity from your wall. Or if you’re like me, you could care less – and, in fact, hope they see it!😉

P.S. Please also “like” the RequestAdam Facebook.