GOLDEN RULE – It does NO GOOD to tweet, post comments or e-mail in frustration to radio stations. We need these stations to be on our side. :D

REQUESTING BASICS – With a new single comes some new thinking, along with some radio feedback from the last two singles. Let’s request DAILY at our LOCAL stations and the very few national stations – whether they are playing “Trespassing” or not. That means do a routine of a phone call, text and online request forms on station web sites – or whatever combination you choose – up to 7x a week. Texting or tweeting an additional time per day for a countdown should be fine as well, just make sure they are spaced well apart from the first efforts. With Adam getting modest radio play for his last two songs, we need to show the interest is there and do it MORE than we did last time. ENTHUSIASM + COMMON SENSE ACTION! We don’t want to bombard, but radio needs to feel our presence!

*What POSITIVE requesting looks like:*
“Please play Trespassing by Adam Lambert; I love it!”
“Please play Trespassing by Adam Lambert. I heard the song once and can’t get it out of my head!”

*What our requesting SHOULD NOT look like:*
“Please play Trespassing by Adam Lambert. I haven’t heard a song like this on the radio since David Bowie!”
“Please play Trespassing by Adam Lambert. This reminds me of Queen, which I love!”
“I want to hear Trespassing by Adam Lambert…finally a song that’s not crap like the rest of the playlist”

Whether these last statements are true or not, we lose credibility with our requests by mentioning legendary artists not currently on the radio. The stations will play Trespassing if they feel it is current/now and their audience wants to hear it. Equating it with music from 30+ years ago will be a big negative!

STREAMING MATTERS – Make sure you play “Trespassing” online on your stations’ web sites when it’s there (plus leave a comment) and on these online services, if you have them: Spotify, Rhapsody, MOG, Slacker, Muve Music and Rdio. Why? Billboard now counts each online play on these platforms as a spin of the song!

RATE MUSIC – Take part in surveys that feature current music on your local stations’ web sites and via national services. These are used to gauge interest level in a song and artist. Two national ones are Rate the Music and Hit Predictor. Read more (including directions).

FACEBOOK – If you don’t have one, you’ll need a Facebook account to take part in your stations’ polls and to interact with them. Read more (including tips).

OUR AUDIENCE – Coolness doesn’t depend on age in real life, but it does in
Top 40 radioland. Adam is a pop artist, and this is just another way we can help him. Read more.

1 thought on “Tips”

  1. Hi! I’m a huge Adam fan living in Oberlin Ohio (outside of Cleveland) and for some reason the Stations playing list seems to be missing the Cleveland HAC station WQAL eventhough BTIKM is listed on their media base form (and has been for many weeks – I request regularly!) Please add it to the master list of stations that have played so that they will continue to get requests!!!

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