Auto YouTube Refresher

A trick to make our YouTube streaming of “Ghost Town” have more of an impact!

This is what ALL the young fan groups (Selena, Fifth Harmony, etc.) are doing; we need to embrace this to keep pace!

***RECOMMENDATION: Do this on top of streaming “Ghost Town” in another browser. ***

1. DOWNLOAD Easy Auto Refresh extension for CHROME browser. (If you don’t already have Adblock Plus for Chrome, download it, too.)
2. OPEN “Ghost Town” official video on YouTube and TURN OFF AUTO PLAY BUTTON TO RIGHT OF SCREEN; it will turn gray (see below arrow)


3. While video is playing, look for the gray reload circle to the extreme right of your browser; CLICK ON GRAY CIRCLE ARROW for Easy Auto Refresh box to appear that enables you to set new interval time (from the 10 seconds it is automatically at; see below arrows).


4. SET TIME FOR 40 OR 45 SECONDS for video to run/refresh and CLICK GREEN START BUTTON. (See below arrows.) *** IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if you set it at 40 seconds, it may periodically cut the video refresh time down by nearly 10 seconds off of that, that’s why we go no lower than 40-45 seconds to make sure it counts! ***


5. SUCCESS = GREEN CIRCLE ARROW (WAS GRAY). Final step is to test the video to make sure it works.


Straight Talk: What HELPS & What HURTS ‘Ghost Town’

All Adam fans should want “Ghost Town” to be a hit! Let’s make sure that we are doing our part to make that happen!

What fans can do that WILL HELP Adam and “Ghost Town”:

  1. Embrace the songstream “Ghost Town” (it helps greatly with Billboard 100 chart that radio looks at) and praise it on social media. Adam wants and needs a radio hit; that will make everything easier and better – including whatever tour we might get. We can do this; let’s go!
  2. Positively engage radio stations that are playing the song – If your local station or one you listen to is on board with “Ghost Town,” let them know you like it. You can do that with a periodic tweet, text or giving it a “Thumbs Up” if you are listening via the iHeart app or your station has that feature. That’s feedback stations want! The occasional request – although that really has no bearing on plays – is another way to reinforce with your station that you like the song and want to hear it more.
  3. Take part daily (or as much as you can) with countdowns, voting and more – These are stations that have an interaction element for voting/requesting on their site that you can do anonymously. This is a very good way to show interest in the song! See list of stations with direct site links.
  4. Shazam the song when Adam performs it on TV and up to 7x a week (daily) – While we have been told that ONLY 1 Shazam per song, per account matters for radio and the Shazam chart, there is no denying that Shazam is evolving and expanding its focus. So just because radio may only see 1 Shazam for “Ghost Town” from each of us that doesn’t mean there aren’t additional benefits to having Adam’s Shazam totals for the song increase. It may impact Trending Shazams or Warner may look at it as a sign of fan interest.

Unfortunately, there is a segment of fans that are actively being harmful OR simply not doing anything productive. In the words of Adam: There I Said It! We can’t afford to be subtle about this anymore.

Fans are HURTING “Ghost Town” and future radio chances when they:

  1. Bitch to radio in any manner related to Adam – via social media, emails, phone calls, etc. How any fan could think this is helpful and would result in anything positive for Adam is ridiculous. If you are doing this, you are letting your frustrations get the better of you and putting yourself ahead of what’s best for Adam’s music.
  2. Openly wish for a new single – “Ghost Town” is the single and seems like it will be for the foreseeable future. The song is gaining spins on the radio charts and Warner is focused on it. Talking on social media, especially tweeting press accounts, about how you want X or Y to be the single now is the epitome of not getting on board.
  3. Aren’t actively doing anything to support “Ghost Town” – Anyone who has a computer can stream. YouTube is free, so there really is very little excuse for not at least streaming the song there.