Let’s Help Push ‘Ghost Town’ to Gold in U.S!

While “Ghost Town” may be nearing its peak on the U.S. radio charts (still gaining a little), it’s been on there for a solid four months and provided a great re-introduction for Adam to the music scene! What’s more, in addition to being a hit here, the song has been a major success in other parts of the world, including: Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Poland, South Africa and The Netherlands! Adam is definitely an international music star!

GTGoldWe know that “Ghost Town” has gone platinum and gold in some of the these countries…and the U.S. shouldn’t be far behind. ——–With track sales and streaming now counting toward total units and certification, “Ghost Town” is likely headed toward reaching GOLD status in the U.S. within the next few weeks or month. And this is one thing that fans can help make happen! So keep streaming “Ghost Town” … do it as much as you can! And if you can find fans/recipients, please gift a few copies of “Ghost Town” on iTunes (or wherever) over this same time period.

——–> How U.K. Adam fans and other international fans can also help boost “Ghost Town” to GOLD in the U.S:

1) Buy a U.S. iTunes card; you will receive a redemption code via email. You can purchase a $5 U.S. iTunes card here.
*** NOTE: You can save any remaining funds for when Adam’s new single, “Another Lonely Night”, needs a U.S. push later on.***

2) Create a U.S. iTunes account
; here’s an easy guide to follow. You must have a working email address and a U.S. mailing address (see note below).
*** NOTE: You can locate a U.S. address to use when doing the setup by going to this site; type in a state and then copy that street address, city, state and ZIP code into your new U.S. iTunes account for your address!***

3) Now that your U.S. iTunes account is created, you can go purchase “Ghost Town”! Explicit version; clean version (both count!).

4) If you are inclined, you can buy several US. iTunes gift cards
and link them to several newly-created U.S. iTunes accounts.

UPDATED: More Radio Adds for ‘Ghost Town’ + Daily To-Do List

U.S. HOT AC Adds 8/3/15:
KEZR (San Jose, CA) Mix 106.5
WALK (Long Island, NY) 97.5
WIAD (Washington, DC) 94.7 Fresh FM
WMC (Memphis, TN) FM 100
WPTE (Norfolk, VA) 94.9 The Point

U.S. Top 40/Pop Adds 8/4/15:
KNOU (St. Louis, MO) NOW 96.3
KRBE (Houston, TX) 104.1
KZHT (Salt Lake City, UT) 97.1
WAEZ (Greeneville, TN) Electric 94.9

Adult Contemporary (AC) Adds 8/3/15:
WPLJ (New York, NY) 95.5 PLJ

Check out the complete list of U.S. stations (232 in total) that have added “Ghost Town” to their playlists (Pop and HAC). See that list same list organized by state. If one or more of them are in your local area, listen to the station(s) and follow them on social media!

Keep Streaming!
The best thing we can do now is to focus on “Ghost Town”. We can do this by streaming (and gifting) the song. Read more.

Play the Online Game!
Each of these listed U.S. stations has already added “Ghost Town” to its playlist AND has an interaction element for voting/requesting on its site that you can do anonymously. This is a a very good way to show interest in the song!

Shazam the Song!
Each Shazam helps register “Ghost Town” for the Trending Shazam chart that is very visible in the Shazam app and may lead to new sales/streaming of the song. Read more.