3 Days Until ‘Ghost Town’ – Social Media Creates Buzz

On Twitter:  Tweet, RT and favorite the positive tweets/articles about Adam and “Ghost Town”. Like or share the same on Facebook and/or Tumblr. 

Tip #1: It’s a good practice to read any article first to make sure the tone is completely positive and without snark.

Tip #2: Leaving comments on articles or Facebook posts is a tricky thing at best. If you have demographics (location, sex, age) attached to Facebook, those dots will be connected when you comment. In general, over-the-top praising comments are dismissed by those reading them for what they are. Fans of most current artists and stars generally avoid commenting. So, in this case, standing out isn’t desired.

Don’t Pre-order ‘The Original High’ on iTunes; Wait to Get It on Release Day

A change in policy at iTunes means that all pre-orders for albums are counted IMMEDIATELY for the day you pre-order it and not at the time the album is released and you download it. In other words, pre-orders no longer accumulate over time then hit all at once on the day the album is released, often rocketing an album up the iTunes chart. It’s all real-time now.

So that means fans should NOT pre-order “The Original High” on iTunes!

We all want to see that noticeable bump on the iTunes album chart when “The Original High” is released. And the best way we can ensure that is all of us not pre-ordering and instead buying the album on release day.

Additional background from an Adam fan on the relatively new policy.

NOTE: This pre-order policy is an iTunes-only thing.

‘Ghost Town’ 3:28; Remember Spotify Tip to Make Sure You’re Really Streaming

Adam-Lambert-Ghost-Town-2015-1500x1500“Ghost Town” is already listed on Spotify in the Warner Brothers’ artist playlist, but obviously you can’t play it yet. But you can see that the song is 3:28; a perfect length for radio! And it’s labeled explicit. ;)

As a reminder for Spotify users, you need to make sure you are streaming the song (once it’s released) and not playing it from your library (via a downloaded version from iTunes, etc.).

TIP: Make sure in the Spotify settings that you don’t have local files enabled.